Summer greens beating the winter blues

Inject a little green in your diet, get outside, try something new....Like a savoury green juice! 
It’s a great way to get a vitamin hit, the purest form of hydration and won’t leave you with a nasty furry film on your flossey whites!

Green Smoothie

It’s a great juice if you feel like something savory during a Reboot or it can be an excellent meal replacement for lunch or dinner or simply as a snack at any time. You can add a teaspoon of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt and pepper if desired. A juice like this helps to combat food cravings
Here’s a recipe from Kula Spirit Retreats that we have just fallen head over “peels” for:

    •    1 large handful spinach (150-200g)
    •    1 courgette
    •    1 thumb Garlic scallions
    •    4 celery sticks
    •    3 stick celery
    •    1 red or green pepper
    •    half lemon
    •    Sea salt and pepper, to taste (optional)

Swapping ginger for garlic has many benefits.

Mr Garlic is jam packed with vitamin k, an excellent source of manganese, vitamin B6; a very good source of vitamin C and copper; and a good source of selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and calcium. 

Not supprising then that Garlic is believed to ward off heart disease, cancer, colds, and flu. The consumption of garlic lowers blood cholesterol levels, and reduces the buildup of plaque in the arteries. It is also used to treat acne, warts, and toothaches and vaginitis.

Drink it quickly.... the color will turn dull as the nutrients oxidise and the enzymes start to kick the bucket.  Also quaffing then while they are still live and kicking is vital for gut health. We would recommend that you drink within a day or perhaps store in freezer for up to x5days.

If you want a great juicer we would go with the advice kindly offered by our girl Jo Hodson from  and opt for a JUICO UNO! 

They are having a sale atm too!

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