The force driving your experience are the people who guide you.

We work with the most experienced people in their field to enable you to reach whatever wellness goals you seek.

Meet the team and discover more about each of our world renowned trainers, respected coaches and cutting edge therapists. Our tribe are united with one common goal, to share their passion and make the world a calmer more peaceful place one human at a time.

Wise Words From Our teachers

“Mental health and wellbeing being is a topic dear to our hearts.

We strive to create sacred spaces for men and women of all ages to help connect with themselves and others'“  

~ Maiwenn

“There's something so good about giving your dreams your everything.

When you apply your heart and soul into something there's a sense of resolution that has it's own reward. “
There's a certain kind of humility that happens when you lay your heart on the table. Just you, laid bare, perfectly imperfect. “

~ Nana

“Our retreats are a simply unique experience because each one feels like home.'“  

~ pippa

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