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Kula Spirit retreat reviews


"As a guy I was sceptical that yoga wouldn't be challenging enough and I was wrong. I always looked at yoga as a way of improving flexibility, stretching and strengthening your core. But I wasn't prepared for how challenging I found it, in a good way.  For those reason I recommend my clients as a Personal Trainer to embrace yoga and reap the benefits by being able to train better with a reduced risk of injury.  Try to include at least one session a week on top of your resistance training. Most guys like to deadlift or squat and yoga improves hip flexibility allowing you to perform these exercises with better form."


Kula Spirit retreat reviews

"Kula Spirit Retreats was one of the best and most relaxing retreats I have ever been to. From the moment we arrived we were greeted with love and warmth from Maiwenn and from there we knew the day was going to be a special one. All the classes were run very professionally and people of all ages, abilities and gender were made to feel as though they was able to undertake the class. All in all i would definitely recommend Kula Spirit for anyone from beginner to highly experienced!"

Marika Langlois

Kula Spirit Retreats reviews

"All in all the retreat was perfect for me - I couldn't have asked for much more, especially as a newbie to this type of thing! I think it had an amazing atmosphere where we were given the time out and space out from hectic modern day living with the opportunity to reflect and grow, part of that meant meeting men and women from all over the world and sharing their journey too.

Ollie Romney

"I've been doing yoga for a while now and this year decided to dedicate more time to this and myself, having done a day retreat I want to experience more. The retreat in August was an amazing experience I took so much away from it not just the yoga but finding out more about me and having time away to just be. I loved all the food I thought not being vegan I would find this the hardest but it opened my eyes to new tastes, made me think about what I put into my body and maybe to be more kind to yourself. The cheesecakes where delicious! I met some lovely people too the experience as a whole made me grateful and coming home i appreciate the life I have more so."

Elaine Upton

Kula Spirit retreat reviews

Kula Spirit  retreat reviews

"The day retreat was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about healthy eating.  The lunch was out of this world, delicious food! It was lovely to meet others and learn more about Ashtanga yoga and pilates.  Andrea and Maiwenn were so supportive throughout the day and it was a lovely opportunity to de-stress with the meditation."

Jennifer smith teacher Liverpool



Kula Spirit retreat reviews

I've just spent 3 blissfully bendy days in Yorkshire and it was simply perfect.

I have never experienced pilates like the Pilates taught by Maiwenn Langlois, what a privilege to be taught by someone so talented and knowledgeable, I felt muscles I didn't even know existed!!

The meditation provided some welcome time for self reflection! And what can I say about the food... Well if you imagine a clean vegetarian menu may leave you wanting then think again, the warming soups and stews, the creamy breakfast smoothies and the raw chocolatey brownies and energy balls #awesomeballs left me feeling indulgent and decadent!! 

The whole weekend was the perfect balance of hard work and relaxation, self reflection and socialisation, healthy and indulgent! To put it simply if you are looking for a fun, friendly retreat with world class teachers and superb food this company has it all.

Lorna Tomkins

Kula Spirit retreat reviews

"Thank you so much to the lovely team for a great retreat. A much needed break and focus of the mind and body in a really lovely spot with some inspiring people...oh and the food! Was worried I wouldn't be full, but was totally filled with goodness! I have come away feeling positive and have managed to start my days with meditation - really inspiring teachers...who knew I could do a headstand!"

Alice Burkitt