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We have a desire to hold sacred space for both MEN and WOMEN of all ages and abilities. To create a connected community that balances energy, promoting physical and mental healing, utilizing all methods of movement and holistic therapies. Each retreat is served up alongside a detoxifying, plant-based menu leaving as little impact on the environment around us.

All Kula Spirit retreats (formerly known as 1Love1Heart Retreats) work with the best male and female teachers in their field to guide you towards making your own conscientious life changes.


27th oct 2019

Join founder Maiwenn Langlois and guest teacher Pip Johnson for total immersion of body awareness. Utilizing dynamic yoga to stretch and channel your mind. Alongside Pilates to refine then strengthen your movement. Jonny Penn will be providing a gong bath to help raise your vibration and lend the tools you need to harness well balanced mental health and clarity.



Working with international teacher Nathalie Comas Zabala to guide you through an intuitive self built vinyasa practice. Founder Maiwenn Langlois guiding you through the fundamentals of Pilates to refining movement. Add a sprinkle of  cooking workshops, country hikes and holistic therapies then serve them up with a sumptuous  plant based diet.

Our rustic country villa really does give you the space you need to reflect, breathe and grow. 


8 - 10TH NOV 2019

Host teachers Maiwenn Langlois and Pippa Johnson will lead you through core and yoga fundamental breathe and movement practices. Whilst our resident Healer Vida will guide you through a ceremonial Cacau ceremony utilizing the heart opening properties of this ancient plant to address the route to your self love blockage then heal from the inside out.

There will also be time for you to book in for Chi New Tsang abdominal massage. reiki and therapeutic massage, walk or simply relax in the hot tub.



KULA - is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “community,” inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through people coming together to practice yoga.

SPIRIT - meaning strength, the harmony between body and spirit. It also has roots in founder Maiwenn’s name. Maiwenn meaning ‘pure of spirit.

Our mission is to build a mindful community and re-connect with nature and ourselves. Many of our clients re-book so grab your place fast. Can't make it to one of our overseas retreats? We also run UK based day and weekend retreats throughout the year!



There will be plenty of time to indulge yourself, to visit local attractions on one of our week-long retreats or simply 'switch off' from the stresses and strains of everyday life with a mini break or kick-start your healthy routine at an all-day event. Book your next retreat today and open your mind to the endless possibilities that the Kula tribe bring.



Our retreats offer a wide selection of organically source plant-based cuisine. We believe when your body is clean and healthy it is easier to eliminate toxins and absorb key nutrients. Think fresh, unprocessed, mostly organic foods. All of our retreat menus have been developed to echo the daily functions of the digestion system and flood the body with key nutrients that will help restore the body’s immune system and compliment our intensive exercise schedule.

Our retreats fully support local and ethically made produce. We try to reduce waste wherever possible so that future generations benefit of our community. Anything that is wrapped in plastic will be made into eco-bricks. All other packaging will be disposed in the most environmental way or where possible recycled.

We understand that every body is unique and should you have any special requests we would happily accommodate



Our local excursions will enable you to see the island from different perspective on a beautiful day boat trip, let the wind clear your head from negative thoughts. Cleanse your body after jungle trek under refreshing waterfall and then visit local herbal sauna and sit around the fire completely relaxed and share with like-minded souls..