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This month we welcome new energy and FRESH collaborations. After having experienced Jonny Penn and his bejeweling gongs at the Grattitude Festival we simply had to get him on board the team.

Never tried a gong bath? Here’s a bit of insight into the benefits and how it works...

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Time to reflect...

In the busy lives we all live, giving yourself time to stop and reflect on where you are, compared to where you were, is important to both appreciate the journey and give yourself feedback. Reflection transforms our experience into learning, allowing us to draw links to our individual values, our goals and how our environment affects them. 

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Pilates not painkillers

1 in 6 patients trialled during a significant received ANY benefit at all from the use of the drugs (such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine-type opioids) and that benefit was so small that it may have very little clinical relevance. Doctors and health professionals are now turning to alternative medicine and the power of movement to keep people mobile and pain free

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