The possibility of EVERYTHING!

With the end of the first quarter of the year we marked the occasion with another mesmerising Retreat in Thailand and a beautiful NEW BUCK MOON! 


This time of year Asia is known for high temperatures, long weekends, and slow-paced living. If you're already feeling too settled into your summertime routine, the idea of more of the same might feel a little, well, dull. No one likes feeling like their lives are being put on hold, but it isn't the end of the world if you take a breather from reality now and then. And that's what the Blessing Moon is all about.

Consider where April falls in the calendar: It's the official start of the spring, and from here on out, the time will start to fly by. With the rapid changes of weather that come; new life and energy will arise., April is one of the last few moments of total calm before the year burst into colour. This month's full moon is your opportunity to reflect, count — and fully enjoy — your blessings while you can.... and of course start planning and welcoming in the latter half of the year with all its goals and manifestations. 


Stay connected!

Maiwenn Langlois - Founder Kula Spirit Retreats