Time to reflect...

So, it’s been just over 4 months since the January detox retreat and Matthew Barnes Smith’s goal setting workshop with Kula Spirit Retreats so we thought we’d check in with you to see how you’ve been getting on. 

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In the busy lives we all live, giving yourself time to stop and reflect on where you are, compared to where you were, is important to both appreciate the journey and give yourself feedback. Reflection transforms our experience into learning, allowing us to draw links to our individual values, our goals and how our environment affects them. 

Thinking back to the workshop, bring to mind the goal and actions you set yourself and ask yourself the following questions (some may not apply). It would be worth allocating some time to jot down some notes!

  • What was your goal?

  • Where are you right now in relation to your goal?

  • What has happened over the past 4 months?

  • What have been your success stories?

  • Have you achieved your goal?

  • If so, what happened next?

  • Has your attention been drawn elsewhere?

  • Has your goal changed?

  • Have you realised that what you thought you wanted wasn’t actually what you wanted?

  • What has been your biggest realisation about yourself in relation to your goal?

  • What are you most proud of with regards to the actions you took?

  • What struggles have you encountered, and what did you do to overcome them?

  • How could you help others with what you have learnt over the past 4 months?

  • What has brought you the most satisfaction, and why?

  • What barriers did you come across? Have any beliefs about yourself changed?

  • Have any of your values changed?

  • Where will go from here?

  • What is your next step?

Enjoy taking time out for yourself, and perhaps combine this reflective practise with a mini celebration! We all need time to stop and pat ourselves on the back!

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