This month we welcome new energy and FRESH collaborations. After having experienced Jonny Penn and his bejeweling gongs at the Grattitude Festival we simply had to get him on board the team. 

Never tried a gong bath? Here’s a bit of insight into the benefits and how it works...

Sound baths traditionally begin with drumming, using a shamanic drum and singing bowls before moving on to the gongs then rounding off with grounding sounds at the to prepare everyone for going back out into the world.

The participants are bathed in waves of sound, which many people find helps them to switch off the ‘monkey mind’ and find inner stillness. Sound waves are, of course, vibrations and therefore act like a touchless massage as they move through the participants.

The immersion in sound during a gong bath can help shift the participants’ brainwaves to a different pattern: from the Beta mode of our normal waking state they may shift into the Alpha state, where the brain is relaxed and receptive - also the mode associated with daydreaming and visualising.

Some people experience a shift to Theta brainwaves - the mode associated with deep meditation, dreaming sleep and visions - which may lead to moments of insight, a heightened state of consciousness or a vivid visual experience.

Finally there’s Delta brainwaves - the slowest mode, associated with deep sleep. If you shift into Delta mode, the body and mind will benefit from this profound rest and at the end of the experience you’ll awake feeling thoroughly refreshed (so don’t be afraid of falling asleep - it’s just achieving incredibly deep relaxation!)

After sound comes silence: an important part of the experience is feeling the resonance of the vibrations once the sound bath is over.

Come along to the next day retreat herts and experience for yourself! 

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