This month we have been busy collaborating and finding ways to give back to our community. 

We have celebrated 108 sun salutations alongside Fierce Calm and Ormala, We have connected with Poets-in and Our Very own Day Retreat Herts and have so much more planned for the coming months over this side of the pond including  EVENTS AT VEGAN CAMP OUT and HITCHIN LAVENDER FIELDS. 

As requested here is the reading I put together for the Day Retreat Herts. I do hope that the sentiment has helped you find a sense of calm over the past month. 


What is the gift in a challenging moment. 

How do you you recognise the shift and change your perspective?

To make the shift ...

Change the question


What is my opportunity to learn

What is my opportunity to love 

What is my opportunity to enjoy -

There you will find the possibility of being in touch with your soul, there you will find the satisfaction of cultivating the deepest essence of who YOU are. There you will acknowledge who you are yet to become. -

That is how you resolve the challenge and find the peace. Creating a habit one day, one practice, one breath at a time.

Stay connected
Maiwenn xxx