Pilates not painkillers

Fresh back from another successful DAY RETREAT we are full of gratitude and fired up for the next monthly instalment.

If you haven't been to WHITE WOLF YOGA in Liverpool yet put it on your to-do list ...NOW!  Not only is the venue as cool as a cucumber there choice of vegan cuisine will leave your mouths watering for days and the staff are so helpful too! 

In other News .... we urge you check out

Times newspaper, London. Friday 3rd of February - Pilates not painkillers the best cure for backache! 

So, what was behind the article. This article was referencing a recent study from George Institute of Sydney investigating the use of NSAIDS versus exercise in the management of chronic LBP. The study found that only 1 in 6 patients received any benefit at all from the use of the drugs (such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine-type opioids) and that benefit was so small that it may have very little clinical relevance.

The study went on to explain that in addition to the lack of evidence for the use of the drugs that the side effects were significant. Side effect mentioned were the risk of doubling the risk of bleeding and stomach ulcers and that exercise such as Pilates and Yoga proved MOST effective and treating the source of pain..... longterm!

Of course we agree wholeheartedly with this view. We must focus on the positive influence movement can have on a clients body as well as the positive affect it can have on the mind.

After all: "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" - Joseph Pilates  

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