Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. The trees teach us to let go of the dead stuff... what no longer serves us. Or as we prefer ti think at Kula Spirit Retreats…To re-coil, re-group and invest in our roots! 

Winter Vegan Soup

Autumn is the time to NOT be at your absolute best. It IS however the time to rain check that social event, to take a day off, to skip leg day, to hide disheveled hair under hats and pull on the same withered pull over!
Why? Because thats what nature intended....After all you can't pour from an empty cup. 

Time to re-invest in yourselves. Cosy up. Take a day off! 
Taking care of yourself goes deeper than the latest trend, avo on toast, lycra and protein shakes...its about investing in whats under the surface. Only then will you be allow the old energy to clear and rise up to love. 

Thats why we LOVE our Yorkshire retreats. A time to do just that. A weekend respite to read, sleep, stretch, switch off the phone, talk endlessly about all your niggles without fear of it getting back to the office!

Do as much yoga, pilates, meditation as your body feels it needs in order to heal. 

After all thats what fall is all about! 

Stay connected!

Maiwenn Langlois